Nova Sotecma Brings To Angola Kaeser’s Top Quality Compressed Air Equipment

Angola counts on another stretegic partnership in the industrial maintenance area. FILDA was the setting for the agreement between the two companies

03454837a6f7c8fa9ff713d8647999612f5ea069[1]The International Machinery, Tools and Accessories Exhibition (FIMAP/EMAF) which took place in FILDA, Luanda, November 19-22, was the setting for the meeting between Nova Sotecma and Motivartécnica.
Out of the 26 companies which came to present themselves to the Angolan market, Motivartécnica was the one that struck the most interest out of Nova Sotecma’s Board, for its compressed air equipment. The company presented compressed air equipment by KAESER, a German-technology brand, market leader in Europe.